Thinking the worst

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My poor kitty is getting worse. Dr. Google has me strongly suspecting cancer…

Trying to get the “should’ves” and “what ifs” out of my head so I can sleep. I know they help nothing and just bring me down, but still so hard to kick them out of my head.

The area is still just as inflamed as when I first noticed it (maybe more…hard to compare now that it’s shaved), but is hotter and the rest of her leg is more swollen than before. She also favors it a lot more now…before she was walking normally. Her kidney values were also slightly raised when they did her pre-op bloodwork, which I read certain bone cancers can damage the kidneys due to rising blood calcium levels. I wish I’d just done an x-ray in the very beginning.  I know it’s really rare, even more so for females, but the whole thing has progressed almost exactly how chondrosarcoma is described. But I really hope I’m wrong cuz that doesn’t look good for her if I’m right.

I had a recheck appointment scheduled with our usual vet for 7/25, but I’m calling in the morning to see if I can get anything sooner.

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