Her leg is getting worse!

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After 5 days of antibiotics, Kender’s leg was getting worse.  The lump area seems slightly larger and warmer and the rest of the paw is noticeably swollen.  I tried to get an appointment with our usual vet, but she doesn’t have an opening until Tuesday afternoon.  I didn’t want to see the same vet I saw on Monday, so I took her to a different office where a friend of mine worked as a vet tech.  They requested and reviewed the records from my usual office and did a thorough exam on her.  The vet felt the best course of action would be to sedate her and lance/drain the “abscess”.  Now I’m wishing I had just done this in the beginning, but was hoping to spare her going through this!

The vet said it looked pretty atypical when she drained it. Just some bloody fluid and none of the usual pus.  Said it could just be because she’s already been on antibiotics for a while. But there was also a harder area that she said could be an underlying problem, but is hard to tell with all the inflammation without doing further tests. If it isn’t vastly improved in a week, she recommends doing a biopsy and/or x-rays to see if those can give some answers.  Her kidney levels were also slightly high on her pre-op blood work.  Not enough to be really worried about now, but we should recheck them in a few months to make sure they aren’t getting worse.  She gave us a couple days worth of pain meds and said to continue the antibiotics previously prescribed.

I’m starting to feel worried about this whole thing now.  I had a good cry with Matt tonight…I really feel like we might be dealing with something more serious.  I hope I’m wrong.


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