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Kender's Tripawd Journey

Memories {Kids}

October 7th, 2014 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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Kender was definitely a cat with attitude.  Extremely stubborn at times (hmmmm, sounds like somebody I know…oh yeah, ME!) and didn’t seem to care what anyone thought.  She was going to do what she wanted.  Lucky for her, that was usually laying around and being lazy.

But she was the best cat around our two kids!  I always try to watch the kids around the animals…even the sweetest animal in the world has their breaking point and little kids are blissfully unaware of the pain they can cause at times!  Kids are also fast…so even when supervising them, someone can accidentally get hurt 🙁  But Kender was great with them!  She’d let my oldest (now 6) carry her around the house.  They’d cuddle together and Kender would sleep on her bed.  She wasn’t always as gentle as she should be with a cat…and an 11 pound cat was tricky for her to pick up when she was younger!  They had some really good times together, though.  And my 1.5 year old loved her just as much 🙂


Who lets someone carry them around in a box and just lays there??  I think a big part of it was how lazy she was haha….took too much effort to run away.  But then there were lots of times she never voiced her displeasure…I always rescued her when she did.   I guess a comfy box with stuffed animals to cuddle was worth getting carried around the house for.  Reminds me of Heathcliff always getting pushed around like a baby doll in a stroller…

Kender for President!  This was taken just before the last Presidential election.  You can tell by the look on her face, that if it means wearing a hat then she’d rather not be President!

Bath time for kitty!  My daughter put her in here and was pretending to wash her.  I told her to leave Kender alone and let her go…but she just laid in the thing for a good 5 mins before the younger one convinced her she’d rather leave.  She always surprised me with how much she let the kids get away with that truly didn’t seem to bother her.  It would’ve bothered me!!  I think she was just glad for the attention 🙂

I think my days of kitty and kid pictures are done for quite a while.  Dalamar has steered clear of the kids ever since they were born unless they are being held by me.  He loves to come rub up against the kids while sitting on my lap or something…but takes off running from them (and most anybody else) the rest of the time.  Except for bedtime when he jumps up on my daughter’s bed and sleeps with her.

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  • Christine

    Love the pictures!!! What a patient kitty!! My Diesel was also the same.. so very patient with the kids…
    I love the picture of her in the box.. it’s as if she is saying.. “ok.. you can carry me.. but DON’T drop me.. whatever you do!! ” lol

    Christine.. with Franklin in her heart♥

  • jerry

    So swweeeeeeet! These photos just say so much about how Kender was such a loving, tolerant and wise kitty. She was obviously put on this earth to teach your kids at a young age how to be loved by and give love to animals. What a gift!

    (the election day pic is hilarious!)

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