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Kender's Tripawd Journey

One Week Ampuversary!

August 7th, 2014 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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Wow…a week already?!  How can it feel like yesterday and forever ago that she had her surgery?  She’s doing so great, especially for an older kitty!  Kender’s age (14 years) was my biggest concern for her when learning she needed her leg amputated.  But she handled the surgery just fine and is doing well in recovery, too!  Yesterday, she started laying on her amputated side.  She still isn’t super active, but she wasn’t before either.  Kender has been a super lazy cat for years.  Plus, she’s in a boring room so there isn’t a whole lot for her to do anyway.  She tries to follow me out of the room about half the time and will sometimes try to get out if the door is left open while I’m in there.  Today, for the first time, she started meowing at the door after we left this morning.  🙁

Laying on her amp’d side on her favorite stuffed animal (Sorry so blurry! A photographer I am not…)

Her walking has really improved over the last couple of days.  We had to vacuum her room today because she’s gotten litter all over the place.  I brought Kender out to the living room with me while hubby, Matt, vacuumed so as to not stress her out with the noise.  She seemed so happy about that, wandering around.  Of course, I was paranoid she was going to trip over one of the gazillion toys strewn about, but she did fine!  If we didn’t have two young kids, a dog and another cat to worry about bothering her, I’d let her come out now.  I really think it’s in her best interest to stay segregated until the stitches come out and the cone comes off though.

Since she seems pretty bored, we decided to get her a couple of toys at the store today.  Kender has never really been into toys, except as a kitten.  But the few she occasionally paid attention to in the past were those with feathers.  So we got her a stuffed bird with a feather tail and one of those obnoxious chirp sound things in it.  My daughter picked out one with a bunch of obnoxiously colored feathers on a string and a stick to play with her with.  She was more interested in that than the bird, but even still she only swatted at it a few times and tried to bite it.  I think she’s frustrated that the cone gets in the way 🙁  Maybe she’ll warm up to them over the next couple of days.

Thinking about pouncing! Maybe not just yet…

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4 Comments so far ↓

  • tinav323

    Yay! So happy to hear Kendee is doing well. I know what you mean about being like yesterday and forever ago. Those are some very strangely colored feathers. Hopefully she enjoys them later on. 🙂

  • jerry

    Hoppy Ampuversary! Aww who can blame her for being frustrated with the cone of shame, I wouldn’t feel like playing either. But stitch-removal day will be here before you know it.

    I’m really loving all the detail you’re sharing, it’s so insightful. Thank you.

  • benny55

    HAPPY ONE WEEK AMPUVERSARY KENDER!!!!! You are showing the world that age is just a number, huh kiddo?!

    LOVE, LOVE,.LOVE,!!! And you look adorable in your
    pawty hat!!! I want one just like it!!!

    You are doing a great job Kender… and so are your humans! You are clearly adored!

    I think it does.Kender good to take her out of.that room for a bit and let her.interract.just a touch.and have a change of scenery. You’re probably already doing it, but removing the cone some while watching her.may be good for her spirits.too.

    Hey, how much does your dad charge by the hour to vacuum? I HATE vacuuming?

    Hope you’re getting some ice cream and cake for your ONE WEEK AMP U VERSARY!! Pawty on sweet girl!!


    Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  • stevethetripawdlady

    Hoppy One Week Ampuversary Kender!

    Sounds like you’re over the hump! You guys are all doing so great!! And to think, just over a week ago, this was a terrifying nightmare that you didn’t think you could survive!

    We all still have your back as you continue the process! Well, maybe not Steve. Steve is giving me looks of death because her dinner is getting pushed back later and later the more I type….

    Now I’m just typing to make Steve angry. Now she’s actually yelling at me. Now she’s biting her father’s computer chair which means I’ll get in trouble….better go feed her!

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