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Kender's Tripawd Journey

First night post amp

July 31st, 2014 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

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The vet told me how calm and relaxed Kender was being the whole time she was there.  They even contemplated not putting the cone on her.  But of course, as soon as I set her carrier in the car she started meowing and trying to get her cone off!  Within 5 minutes of being out of her carrier at home, she had her cone off…but not before spilling water all over her head in the process.  And a few minutes after that I had to stop her from trying to lick her incision.

I sat with her for a little while so she could have some cone-free time.  During which she peed and just laid there in it, like she didn’t even notice.  This worried me a tad, but it is more than likely a combo of anesthesia after effects and the pain meds.  She didn’t seem to notice much when the water spilled all over her either.  Changing her blankets and cleaning her up as best I could sure got her riled up though.

She seemed really glad to have some pets and loves for a while, purring most of the time.  My five year old came in a gave her lots of lovey pets, too.  Sadly, I eventually had to put the cone back on her so I could go get kiddos ready for bed.  I set up our video monitor we use with the toddler so that I could make sure she kept her cone on this time.  She fought with it off and on for a while, spilling her food in the process this time, but it’s stayed on and she’s been resting for a while now.  I need to give her a dose of Buprenex soon, but also feed bad about waking her now that she’s finally settled down!  But allowing her pain to get worse is no good either.  Hopefully she’ll be moving around a little better tomorrow and using the litter box.

Despite all the pictures I’ve seen on other blogs, her surgery site still surprised me a little.  Her pelvis seems far more pronounced than in the other pictures I’ve seen.  And her incision is not a single straight line like the others I’ve seen, but more of a T shape.  Also, with all the hair shaved off, I realize she’s chubbier than I thought 😉

Fighting with her cone already!

Incision and pronounced pelvis


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  • stevethetripawdlady

    The “T” incision is interesting, but every surgeon has their preferences.

    Is that her pelvis that’s pronounced, or is that a nub that they left? Steve’s leg was not amputated at the pelvis/hip/ball & socket joint. They left an inch or two of femur. I can see it move when she tries to itch her right ear (which is the only time I feel bad for her). When she was shaved, she had a little nub kind of like that.

    She fur on Steve’s belly never grew back entirely because she over grooms it just enough that it stays short, so I like to pat her little fat belly where it shows! It’s the little things, ya know? 🙂

    • Melinda P

      When I talked to the vet earlier this week, I asked her which type of amp she was going to do and she said she prefers to take the entire femur rather than doing the “high femur” procedure that leaves the nub. She didn’t tell me otherwise when I picked her up. Kender was laying on her amp side in the carrier when I picked her up so I didn’t see it at the vet to ask about it.

  • trituck

    Tucker, my Lab, also had a T shaped incision….and he had his front leg with scapular amputated.

    I’m hoping that Kender (and you) had a peaceful night. I know that some of the other feline pawrents have used onesies for their kitties post amp to cover the site while it is healing.

    Hope today goes well! Remember we are all here to support you and answer any questions you might have.


    Linda and Tucker

  • rica55

    Yay kender!!! You know when I first saw Jill I thought omg I never knew how fat she was! But it was a lot of swelling and fluid in her belly and it eventually went down. Keep us posted sounds like you’re on a great start to the road to recovery!

  • sebastian

    You know what, if Sebastian could tell you his feelings he would say YOU GO KENDER!! Feisty kitties rule! Seriously, the cone may have not bothered him, but other things did and he wasn’t shy about it! That’s OK, more crazy kitty personality to love.

    Sebastian also had the T shaped incision and there was certainly some swelling but it went down pretty fast.

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